Saturday, May 22

The Cheese Prata Shop

Supper after dance, supper for NUS students!

Location: 18 Clementi Road

Website: see more pictures or read more reviews

Price: ~$2 for prata, $1 for drinks, $8 for murtabak

Food: I went there twice and I tried:

- Tissue prata (shown above): tissue prata is this cone-shaped crispy sweet prata. Quite yum :)
- Normal prata: just normal? I don't know what else to say haha.
- Egg prata: like the normal one but with egg in the middle, was kind of cold...
- Murtabak: had a cheesy chicken one, tasted good and was hot!

- Teh tarik (next to tissue prata): lots of bubbles, looks kinda cool but taste the same as a normal one.
- Bandung dinosaur (in the blue cup above): bundang is this nasty pink looking, perfume tasting rose syrup drink. The first time I had it I couldn't take more after the first few sips, but since then I found the taste to be more acceptable. Anyway, the bundang dinosaur is just the drink with a scoop of milo - weird combination but quite tasty.

Other: Apparently it's open 24h. Price could be better and more of the food could be served hot (even if they're not freshly made). But otherwise an enjoyable supper spot near NUS~

Rating: 4/5

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