Wednesday, May 26

Lau Pa Sat and Wendy's

A large hawker centre in the middle of the CBD!

Location: 18 Raffles Quay, Lau Pa Sat Festival Market (near Raffles Place MRT)

Website: official website

Price: approximately $12 for 10 sticks of satay, $1.70 for chendol, $4.50 for 生煎, $3 for laksa


Satay: The whole area outside the pavillion sells satays! I'm guessing the taste is quite similar for all of them. Hot and fresh, you can smell the smoke everywhere too haha. We ordered chicken (yellow), beef and mutton (darker ones). Mutton was my favourite. My friend said that the plate lacked rice cubes though...

Just a side note, satay in Singapore is quite different from the ones we have in the markets in Darwin (where the meat comes in large chunks, I think here they call these kebabs) and different from the Chinese 羊肉串 (yang rou chuan) which are more salty, spicy, with cumin powder taste and no dipping sauce. I prefer the Chinese kind!

Chendol: this is one of the foods I disliked when I first tasted it in Singapore. Now I like all of it from the red bean (red/purple), to the grass jelly (black) to the green thing.

生煎 (pan fried mini buns): I had this last time I went to Lau pa sat. It was yuck, nothing like a good Shanghainese one. The buns were deep fried instead of pan fried and neither the dough or the filling tasted good!

Laksa: My friend had this last time when we at there. From what I remember it tasted good and was a large portion with enough "ingredients" inside!

Wendy's: my other friends ordered Wendy's next to Lau pa sat

3/4 Pound burger: horrendous burger with three slices of meat patty and three slices of cheese. Don't eat it, it'll make you sick!! (see image on right, taken from Wendy's website)

Baked potato (sides): good serving size, and tasted ok. But homemade/fresh baked potato has much better texture.

Other: Lau pa sat is a pretty hawker place, nice architecture and nice lights outside! Oh there is alot of "touting" (never heard this term before coming to Singapore). People are pushy and try to sell things to you, which I find annoying.

Rating: 3.5/5 because I like the building and it's accessible, food is good or bad depends what you order and price is average.

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