Saturday, May 22

Malay store at NUS science canteen

One of my favourites on campus!

Oops I've been to this store so many times and still don't know its name.

Location: NUS science canteen (the frontier)

Website: NUS website

Price: $3-4

- Fried wing set: 2x chicken wings, 1x tofu (shown in picture)

- Ayam penyet: 1x chicken leg/thigh, this is the standard dish  at the store

- Lemon chicken: also chicken leg but in a curry sauce... I didn't taste any lemon flavour at all.

- Steamed chicken: sounds healthy but it's white steamed chicken in a brown/black sauce. Tasty but a tad salty.

- Other: there is also fried prawns, fried dory fish, meatball soup... (never tried these)

Other: Rice is good, always hot. Added veg is good, but it seems to be only available at lunchtime. The fried chicken dishes come with this incredibly hot chilli sauce: see the two different sauces in the picture - it's the one on the left). This store has the most tasty food I've had on campus, but also terribly unhealthy.

Rating: 4.5/5 (for taste, but maybe 3/5 if you consider health haha)

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