Saturday, May 22

Munchie Monkey

A farewell lunch from my colleagues :)

Location: NUS Yusof Ishak House (YIH)

Website: See more info and other reviews

Price: $5.70 for main dish (holiday price), $5 for dessert


Lasagna: tasted ok, the ricotta cheese in the middle gave it a funny texture and the tomato based sauce was watery. The topping was just a layer of cheese without the usual cream/cheese sauce. At least the portion was filling.

Pizza: tried this one (pepperoni? I don't remember), margherita and the 3 meats one. The pizza was freshy and hot, cheesy and of good size (compared to the tiny one I had at Pastamania). But the topping was similarly scarce with all the pizzas. And the base is hard like a biscuit than pizza crust.

Fish n chips: I didn't personally eat the fish but the chips was hot and fresh. I don't like the look of the crumbed fish, and it looked small. The one in Megabites Cafe (NUS science) had something like 4 slices of fish and looked more appetitising!

Brownie: very sweet just as a brownie usually is. Was nice and warm, and the walnuts were great too. Sauce and ice cream complimented the dessert well. This was my personal favourite from the whole meal :)

Apple crumble/pie: taste ok but pastry was not crunchy, plus the filling was a little strange - perhaps a little bland and not enough apple taste? Ice cream was nice though.

Other: The pasta looked quite appetising and of good quantity (but I didn't get to try it). The cafe is unique with comfortable lounges and cute soft toys, and good lighting near the window seats. Ah finding cheap and good western food in Singapore is a challenge!

Rating: 3.5/5 (average food, good price compared to outside cafes, nice environment)

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