Saturday, May 22

New blog!

Food glorious fooood! I've had this idea in mind for some time. I go to so many places and eat at so many places, and take so many photos. It's a waste not to share it.

I like a variety of cuisines. I don't tend to eat at fancy restaurants. Finding cheap eats is exciting. Taste is important and I don't like fake/not authentic foods (eg. Australian "Chinese" takeaway food, or Asian "steak"). But I'm not particularly picky, dining environment doesn't need to be classy, and service doesn't need to be meticulous (but rude service ruins a good meal).

My memory isn't great, but I can remember food and tastes well. So I will slowly be writing about the foods I've eaten in Singapore, Darwin, Melbourne... and perhaps the places I've visited too.


  1. Haha! so far ive also eaten at all the places you've mentioned! i noticed mostly around NUS! curious though, are you currently studying in singapore or australia...? :D

  2. hey, I'm studying in melb uni but doing a research year in nus (but I'm leaving soon in about 2 weeks and continuing in melb next sem) are you from singapore or malaysia? you're joseph's friend right?

  3. oh NICE! im exact opposite, msian, did pre-u at spore n came to adelaide for uni..gosh i miss spore like crazy! i love the place! have loads n loads of fun there ok! :D i shall inhabit spore vicariously through ur foodblog! haha :D