Thursday, July 15

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

I was invited for lunch one fine day, to an exotic Spanish restaurant...

Location: Level 1 of Vivocity (see precise location)

Website: official website, reviews and colourful pictures.

Price: $10.80 for soup, $43 for paella, $10.80 for poached pear dessert. Check the website for full menu.


Crema de Mariscos (creamy seafood soup) - as seen above, was a delicious soup served with toasted garlic bread. Generous with ingredients - mussels, prawns, squid, fish. Was a good generous serving too, I think I would have been full eating this alone. Mmm quality AND quantity!

Paella Valenciana (Spanish rice) - Good presentation, served in a wok (or a Spanish version of one). I liked it, it was like fried rice with saffron and a lot of ingredients - this one had mostly seafood ingredients plus chicken and capsicium. I remember this being slightly salty though. You can read more about paellas here, I've never tasted or heard of this dish before.

Peras al Vino Tinto (poached pear in red wine) - my first thought was, why is this served in a tacky looking blue plate? I'm not a fan of the taste of alcohol but the pear went reasonablly well with the ice cream. Serving was too small though!

Other: lovely environment both indoors and outdoor facing the waterfront. The restaurant had huge capacity to seat a large number of people, we had an early lunch so there were very few customers.

Rating: really depends what you're after. 4.5/5 for a classy place to relax, have a light meal. 3.5/5 if you're just in it for the food, because apart from the highly impressive soup, many items on the menu were way too expensive.

Yang Gui Fei Xi'an Restaurant (羊贵妃西安美食)

I went here awhile ago with some Chinese friends, including one from Xian.

Location: 18 Smith Street Singapore (food street in Chinatown)

Website: pictures and more pictures

Price: average but unsure about specific items because we split bill and our friend had a membership card. To give a rough idea - altogether ~$15 per person including drinks


羊肉泡馍 (Mutton soup with bread) - a classic Xi'an dish. A delicious lamb soup with bits of broken bread. I haven't had it since I was 5 so I'm not sure how this matches up to the ones in China but it was tasty, although quite salty and had a thick layer of oil. But I think it was worth the calories/cholesterol haha.

Satay sticks - the picture shows potato and green chilli satays, I think we also had chicken and lamb. Great flavouring, nice and hot, meat was tender. Only thing was that this was really salty, and probably high in MSG.

Cold chilli noodles - I found these noodles a tad bland but my friend loved this dish and said it was his favourite out of everything we had that night. 

酸梅汁 (plum drink) - lovely cold mildly sweet and sour drink on a hot day. The drink was particularly memorable because it went really well with the food!

Other: good to see that there are restaurants in Singapore that sell authentic Chinese food!

Rating: 4/5 delicious and unique range of dishes. But quite salty so be prepared to drink lots of water for the rest of the evening!

Thursday, July 8

Ramen Play

Dinner after a good old KTV session :)

Location: Somerset 313, basement 3 (Somerset MRT)

Website: official website, more tantalising pictures

Price: $14.80 for sanpou ramen, ~$12 for tonkatsu ramen, ~$7 for sides (eg tempura), ~$6.50 for dessert


Firstly, something about ramen: the first time I ate ramen was on my school trip to Japan, and it was delicious! Maybe that's why I'm often disappointed and rarely manage to find a good replicate of ramen - not in Singapore, not in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Shanghai and definitely not Darwin.

Sanpou ramen: sanpou, also 三宝 or three treasure ramen was the signature dish for the store. The soup was tasty tonkotsu base (was it too salty? I don't remember now), the pork pieces were very tender and tasty (with the layers of fat mmm). My favourite "treasure" in it was the boiled egg, it was cooked just right, not exactly hard boiled, but neither was it runny like soft boiled egg hmm.

Tonkatsu ramen: my friend ate this (see image above, the bowl in the background). I've never had good light, crispy, friable (haha maybe not the best choice of words) tonkatsu batter since the first time I ate in Japan. Tonkatsu that is exactly the same as schnitzel always disappoints me. The sanpou ramen is nicer :)

Tempura vegetables: see above, I don't know, tempura always tastes the same to me!

Green tea dessert: green tea dessert with canned fruits, jelly-like strands and red bean paste. Interesting mix of ingredients, looked and tasted nice but the bowl was very tiny!

Other: the store has an interesting name, decorations are bright and new, food is nice but I think there are other stores with similar tastes and cheaper.

Rating: 5/5 for the egg!! 3.8/5 overall

Wednesday, July 7

Giant Kkochi and Rice Cakes (Korean)

We planned to go ice skating but never made it. But discovered a yummy snack :)

Location: beside Kallang Ice World (Leisure Park Kallang, Stadium MRT)

Website: (none available, but can check location from

Price: $2.90 for kkochi rice cakes, $3.50 for giant kkochi


Kkochi rice cakes: the first time I had korean rice cakes was at the international students lunchtime market at Melbourne uni, and I haven't eaten it until now. The rice cakes (Chinese: 年糕, nian gao) are grilled on a skewer and subsequently coated with a choice of sauces. I had Korean spicy sauce at this store, the sauce was just right in spicyness and I love the chewy texture of the grilled rice cakes!

Giant kkochi: advertised as the "Korean king size chicken", it's a skewer of chicken coated with deep fried batter and served with the same range of sauces as the rice cakes. Kind of like a satay (an Australian, not Singaporean sized one!) The batter was crunchy and the meat is tender mmm.

Other: a filling and yummy snack! But needless to say, unhealthy haha.

Rating: 4.5/5