Wednesday, July 7

Giant Kkochi and Rice Cakes (Korean)

We planned to go ice skating but never made it. But discovered a yummy snack :)

Location: beside Kallang Ice World (Leisure Park Kallang, Stadium MRT)

Website: (none available, but can check location from

Price: $2.90 for kkochi rice cakes, $3.50 for giant kkochi


Kkochi rice cakes: the first time I had korean rice cakes was at the international students lunchtime market at Melbourne uni, and I haven't eaten it until now. The rice cakes (Chinese: 年糕, nian gao) are grilled on a skewer and subsequently coated with a choice of sauces. I had Korean spicy sauce at this store, the sauce was just right in spicyness and I love the chewy texture of the grilled rice cakes!

Giant kkochi: advertised as the "Korean king size chicken", it's a skewer of chicken coated with deep fried batter and served with the same range of sauces as the rice cakes. Kind of like a satay (an Australian, not Singaporean sized one!) The batter was crunchy and the meat is tender mmm.

Other: a filling and yummy snack! But needless to say, unhealthy haha.

Rating: 4.5/5

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