Thursday, July 8

Ramen Play

Dinner after a good old KTV session :)

Location: Somerset 313, basement 3 (Somerset MRT)

Website: official website, more tantalising pictures

Price: $14.80 for sanpou ramen, ~$12 for tonkatsu ramen, ~$7 for sides (eg tempura), ~$6.50 for dessert


Firstly, something about ramen: the first time I ate ramen was on my school trip to Japan, and it was delicious! Maybe that's why I'm often disappointed and rarely manage to find a good replicate of ramen - not in Singapore, not in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Shanghai and definitely not Darwin.

Sanpou ramen: sanpou, also 三宝 or three treasure ramen was the signature dish for the store. The soup was tasty tonkotsu base (was it too salty? I don't remember now), the pork pieces were very tender and tasty (with the layers of fat mmm). My favourite "treasure" in it was the boiled egg, it was cooked just right, not exactly hard boiled, but neither was it runny like soft boiled egg hmm.

Tonkatsu ramen: my friend ate this (see image above, the bowl in the background). I've never had good light, crispy, friable (haha maybe not the best choice of words) tonkatsu batter since the first time I ate in Japan. Tonkatsu that is exactly the same as schnitzel always disappoints me. The sanpou ramen is nicer :)

Tempura vegetables: see above, I don't know, tempura always tastes the same to me!

Green tea dessert: green tea dessert with canned fruits, jelly-like strands and red bean paste. Interesting mix of ingredients, looked and tasted nice but the bowl was very tiny!

Other: the store has an interesting name, decorations are bright and new, food is nice but I think there are other stores with similar tastes and cheaper.

Rating: 5/5 for the egg!! 3.8/5 overall

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