Wednesday, December 15

Curve Restaurant

A farewell lunchtime gathering at Darwin Waterfront.

Location: Darwin Waterfront, ground floor of Medina Hotel (see map)

Website: official website

Price: lunchtime specials (12-2pm) at $12.50 with drinks, regular mains menu $20-30. Menu available on the official website, but it doesn't include the lunch menu. Note all items below are from the special lunchtime menu, except the steak sandwhich (last item).

Chicken caesar salad: I didn't personally order this but it looked yummy with all the ingredients a caesar salad should have in a decent sized bowl. If I come back to eat there, I'd try the salad!

Beer battered barramundi (ie fish n' chips): I ordered this also as part of the lunch specials. The fish was good quality, but terribly small. I usually peel off the batter but the batter was thin so that was unnecessary. Chips were hot and crispy mmm. Salad complimented the dish well, a variety of leaves and not too much dressing (just the way I like it). Throughout the meal I couldn't help think how this was so much better than the last fish and chips from NUS (Singapore)!

Tandoori chicken wrap: two wraps of tandoori chicken, yoghurt (and mint?) dressing with lettuce. My friends seemed to enjoy it, I tasted the chicken and it was flavoursome. The serving size could be bigger.

Curve beef, cheese and bacon burger: I thought the burger looked like a McDonalds cheeseburger. Didn't seem like it had much veggies or gourmet ingredients. Beef tasted fine, but it was small.

Steak sandwhich: not included in the lunch menu, and it was $17.50. Steak in foccacia with rocket and onion. Can't comment much because this wasn't my dish, but the piece of steak I tried was juicy and tasty.

Other: busy but not crowded, bright and modern, good place for a quiet gathering.

Rating: 4.5/5 for lunchtime menu - reasonable price, nice environment, food portions are a bit small but overall it's a good deal since drinks are included. From what friends tell me - 2/5 if you're going for dinner. I wouldn't actually eat dinner there because there are better places for $30+. Plus I don't trust restaurants that are part of hotels, I'm sure they incur a premium price.

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Update - 1

Today I was taking food pictures again and am inspired to update my food blog after half a year of inactivity. I've added some tags/labels for your convenience and finished off uploading 2 more reviews for Singapore. Since I'm back in Australia I'll start writing about my dining experiences here starting off in Darwin where I'll be for the next 2 month!