Saturday, January 15

Bar Zushi

Almost weekly visits for Sunday family lunches. I've taken more pictures since I first wrote up this post!

Location: Casuarina Square (Level 1, adjacent to Big W) - see map

Website: official website and reviews

Price: $4 per plate for sushi on Sunday ($4 to $6 on other days, according to the colour of the plate), ~$9-12 for udon (soup noodles),  and $10-15 for bento sets - see full menu

Takeaway options - a variety of sushi rolls for ~$4 or $5 each. And sushi trays for ~$10. Good option for a quick, relatively healthy snack.

Food: our usual Sunday lunch consists of...

Bento sets (black tray, top) - comes either with sukiyaki beef (this is the one shown above), teriyaki chicken or a combination of both. Each set comes with a generous serving of meat, rice, a small salad, and pickles. Taste is average. The teriyaki chicken is tender but consistently too salty. Good if you want a filling meal!

Rainbow roll (black plate, middle) - 4 beautiful rolls, each with a different filling. These include one with prawn, one with smoked salmon and another with raw tuna. Looks good, variety is good and the plate is value for money. However, the taste was not particularly memorable.

Chilli tempura sushi (yellow plate, bottom) - sushi roll filled with crumbs of fried tempura batter, served with chilli powder. The one here has too much rice and not enough crunch. Every time I have this plate I wish I was eating the crunchy, tasty chilli tempura sushi at Go Sushi in the city instead.

Prawn avocado sushi (above) - my sister's favourite, prawn is of good, crunchy, just-cooked texture and slides down well with the avocado.

Cooked salmon sushi (above) - tastier than the raw salmon variety (fried food is always tasty)! Looks good, tastes good.

Chicken karaage (above) - fried chicken served with Japanese mayonnaise. Crispy, tasty and juicy on the inside, even better than KFC! Melts perfectly with a dip of creamy mayonnaise. I love this dish and always order it, mmm!

Udon or soba served with soup (above) - we ordered a plain udon, but there are also options of prawn and a variety of meats with the soup. Soup is light but tasty, with wakame (seaweed). The texture of udon noodles was thick and just right consistency. The dish is quite plain if that is all you're ordering. But I would not recommend the extras - a long time ago I ordered a prawn udon, and the one piece of tempura prawn was hardly worth the extra $2.50.

Daifuku - mum's favourite dessert. Nice sticky, floury texture, with a centre that has just the right amount of sweet red bean paste.

Other: Bar Zushi has a nice feel - the Japanese-style interior design gives an authentic and calming atmosphere to the restaurant (although we all know the owners are non-Japanese Asians). The sushi train is a convenient and fun way of picking your sushi plates, although direct ordering is possible too. Sunday lunchtimes are a good day to go, with the $4 plates. However, it is busy on Sunday so a large group may have difficulty getting seats. Plus the table service may be slow because of the crowd.

Rating: 4/5 a positive dining experience because of its convenience, comfortable and unique design and some good tasting options. Bar Zushi is definitely classy compared to other similar-priced takeaway options in Casuarina. However, I can't but help compare this place with Go Sushi, which is the only other Japanese restaurant in town. We go to Bar Zushi for convenience, but Go Sushi (Japanese owned) for better and more authentic tasting sushi and sushi rice!

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