Monday, January 10

Cornucopia Museum Cafe

A pleasant cafe for a drink or meal after a free visit to the museum. Also our (secret) high school hangout for wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, mmm good memories!

Location: same building complex as Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory - see map

Website: official website and reviews

Price: $20-25 for mains, $10 kids meals, ~$5 for milkshakes


Chocolate milkshake: kids size serving at half price ($2.50)

Vanilla milkshake: beautifully cool, thick and yummy but as with most cafes the milkshake was way too sweet!

Beef vindaloo with yoghurt and grilled vegetables: lovely presentation and a variety of flavours. Surprisingly for a non-Asian cafe, this curry was quite hot that I had to take breaks in between my bites. The meat was reasonably tender and I enjoyed the variety in the accompanying grilled vegetables and yoghurt. Portion size was a little inadequate if you were hungry, and another downside was that the dish was served half warm - I don't mind eating precooked food but am fussy about food being thoroughly heated before it is served.

Chicken nuggets with chips: part of the kids menu. The nuggets were tasty and uniquely shaped into round balls. The chips were extraordinarily crunchy, thick, and with just the right amount of salt. But kids are not too fussy when it comes to fried food and will enjoy it regardless!

Other dishes: there were a range of breakfast options, and the other mains were typical cafe foods such as pasta, burgers and open grilled sandwiches.

Other: there are indoor and outdoor seating options. Outdoor seating is relaxing and pleasant, with a a terrific view of the beach and the sea. The cafe is kid-friendly - my younger sister and her friend enjoyed drawing with the coloured pencil provided by the cafe.

Rating: it's difficult to say because I associate the cafe with friends and good memories. I enjoyed the dining experience but felt that lunches were not worth $20+ per plate - so my final verdict is 3/5

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