Wednesday, January 5

Stokes Hill Wharf

A favourite amongst locals for a casual get together in the evening (the only time when the weather is cool and breezy and outdoor dining is possible).

Location: Tinter Street, Darwin (see map)

Website: overview of all the small eateries, a brief history of the Wharf

Price: $10-15 for mains


Siam Thai - a selection of tasty Thai food. On my last visit, the pad thai (Thai noodles, see below) was good with crunchy peanuts and a sauce that was just right. This time, the serving size was good, however taste was slightly bland this time. But this was rescued by a decent squeeze of lime and a large scoop of chilli sauce.

In our last visit, the beef salad with rice was also very tasty and filling. Beef was of good texture, the dish was spicy and delicious. There are a range of other stir fries, curries, soups, many that I have yet to try. Most come with chicken, beef, seafood or vegetarian options.

Kim's on the Wharf - there is a selection of fish and chip stores at the Wharf but I've heard they are owned by the same owners. The prices and food range between the stores are very similar. The dish below is crumbed local barra with prawns, calamari and chips. The slice of fish was large, but the batter wasn't fantastic, taste was average.

Schnitzel Magic - my friend had a crocodile steak with chips from this store which looked and tasted quite similar to the fish and chips above. This store has a range of "exotic" schnitzels and burgers - emu, kangaroo, croc, camel... interesting if you're feeling adventurous!

The Icecream Shop - we used to go for cheap ice creams quite often on the Wharf. Delicious, large scoops and a range of unique flavours.

Other: When you order food you're given a buzzer that beeps when your order is ready - quite high tech for takeaway stores in Darwin! Ambience is great around sunset - cool evening breeze with a lovely view of the sea, coast and clouds. Sitting near the edge we spotted a range of fish in the water - tiny fish, big fish, long fish, flat fish. However, at night time it does get dark and it becomes difficult to see what you're eating. Also most days the Wharf is crowded and quite noisy, although there are usually seats available away from the crowd.

Rating: 5/5 for the unique, classically Darwin dining experience. However, rating of the food itself is 3-4/5 depending on what you order.

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