Monday, May 30

The Boatshed Restaurant

The Boatshed Restaurant was one of the first restaurants I visited in Ballarat, before living here. I remember having a lovely lunch and wondering why the restaurant was called a Boatshed when I couldn't see a boat or any water nearby. That was the days before Ballarat started to rain constantly, and during the time when the lake was just a dry bed of grass!

Sorry about the photo quality, there was minimal lighting indoors (haha that we really couldn't see all that well what we were eating).

Location: 27A Lake Wendouree Foreshore (Ballarat, Victoria) - see Google map

Website: official website and a couple of reviews on menulog

Price: ~$30 for mains for dinner, full menu for breakfast lunch and dinner are also available


Leek and potato soup - ah soup of the day. I love dipping bread in hot soup on a cold Ballarat day. Didn't look very appetising, but was tasty. And a huge, very filling bowl!

Fillet of atlantic salmon - "on buttered cous cous with mussels, prawns in a Moroccan tagine sauce". Well, that's a lot of ingredients! But from what I remember, the mussels had a funny, not so fresh taste. Sauce wasn't spectacular.

Oven Baked Lamb Rump - "cooked medium served on a roast pumpkin, prosciutto and pea risotto, finished with a house jus". Lamb wasn't particularly tender, and the quite large chunks of lamb rump were a bit bland. Again, nothing really special about the risotto.

Other: the Boatshed is set in a lovely place, next to the lake. The interior was slightly too dark for my liking, but was quiet and a comfortable place to dine. Mmm I remembered feeling hungry and waiting a long time for the mains (although there were maybe only another two pairs of twos dining at the time).

Rating: 2/5 perhaps I was paying too much attention to the company that I didn't pay enough attention to the food, but this was one of the least memorable meals I've had from eating out on "special" occasions. I do however remember my first meal here, a few years ago for lunch to have been reasonably priced, decent meal, with comfortable bright lighting and an.. interesting view (it would be a nice view now with the water back in the lake). Perhaps daytime dining would give a better experience.

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