Monday, May 30

Kambei Japanese Restaurant

A stylish, newly opened Japanese restaurant near Sovereign Hill.

Location: 501 Main Road, Ballarat (Victoria). The restaurant is across the road from Sovereign Hill.

Website: official website and AGFG review (limited information available)

Price: $10 for entree salad, $15 for the sashimi shown below, $35+ for mains


Tamago (egg) salad - I had this as an entree, a surprisingly large bowl of salad leaves, with the usual Japanese sesame dressing. Topped with a tasty egg and creamy mayonnaise mixture.

Sashimi (three kinds - in the plate behind the salad bowl) - two or three slices of each type of fish. There were salmon - which is always my favourite, and this salmon looked beautiful and tasted just as good. Tuna, and kingfish which were ok but I should have really had a whole serving of salmon because it's the only raw fish I love. Main complaint is that there wasn't much fish for $15.

Unagi - a few of my friends had entree sized unagi for around $10, it was a decent sized eel and was soft and flavoursome. I would get this if I were to go again!

Wagyu sushi - just including this picture for interest. Flame seared wagyu on top of rice, $15 per plate!

Other: Kambei feels and tastes like authentic Japanese cuisine, which is a surprise for us to find in Ballarat. But it is really out of the budget range of us poor students. A few of us decided to fill ourselves up with KFC after we left the restaurant. The restaurant also had a deal on certain days which was about $45 for a three course meal, perhaps that would have been more filling.

Rating: 2.5/5 is my personal opinion because whilst quality is important, I always feel disappointed if I'm still hungry after paying for an expensive meal! Having said that, it would be a delightful place to visit, if you're looking for somewhere a little classier and you don't mind spending a little extra.

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  1. I recently ate here with my partner and we felt the same about being disappointed after leaving and still being hungry! The food was lovely, but portions were much small for the price they were charging; my main was the size of a standard entrée!

    In other news, it's nice to find another food blogger that lives in Ballarat! :)

  2. hi Bianca, thanks for dropping by. I guess "proper" Japanese restaurants are known for its small portions! didn't know there were many food bloggers in Ballarat :) I've lived there for a year but am back in Melbourne for now, love Ballarat though!

    feel free to let me know if you review some of the same places I have, I can link you in the posts

  3. Haha, you are right about the small portions at "proper" Japanese restaurants! Perhaps the location of this restaurant would be better suited to somewhere like inner Melbourne, though? And thanks, Winnie! Ditto about the posts, I have reviewed a one or two of the same ones I think (like the Chocolate Mill), I will link you in mine :) Ahh! I moved to Ballarat this year with my partner, but we are only here until November as that is when my uni course finishes for me :) We will be back in the Eastern suburbs for Christmas! Ballarat is nice, but I miss all of the restaurants and diversity in Melbourne :( lol

  4. I'm from Castlemaine and our Japanese restaurant closed down, but it sounds like this place is no replacement. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Hey thanks for visiting! I think Kambei is somewhere worth going for quality authentic Japanese food, and a lot of people I know in Ballarat do seem to really enjoy it! It was more that we went with a group of students, most of us frequent diners in Melbourne (which has more competition, and is invariably cheaper), and were baffled by the high end prices.