Sunday, May 29

Point Cook Homestead (Scrumpy Brown's)

I've been back in Victoria for almost an entire year and haven't posted a single thing on my food experiences here. Perhaps there are too many existing reviews about food in Melbourne, especially in the CBD and surroundings. Anyway, here is a pleasant day trip I made this weekend to the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Location: 1 Point Cook Homestead Road, Point Cook (Victoria, Australia) - see map

Website: official website, urbanspoon reviews, and a blog review of breakfast at the cafe

Price: full menu is available here, there are extra items/daily specials available. Our meal was $15 for the risotto, $22 for calamari salad (main), $6.50 for milkshakes.


Smoked salmon risotto - this was from the specials menu. Creamy risotto served with smoke salmon and pickled capers. I've never had capers, they taste pretty much the same as olives which I still haven't acquired a taste for. But I liked the risotto - it was tasty, not too creamy, smoked salmon pieces were scant but added colour and flavour to the dish. Only downside of the dish was that it didn't have much in the way of ingredients. We like getting our money's worth haha.

Calamari salad - my mains was the calamari salad with chunky chips and garlic aioli. The calamari salad was only in the entree section of the menu (for about $14 - mm expensive entree) The calamari was hot and crispy, salad was your regular salad leaves without dressing. Would have liked a bit more salad and a little less chips. I enjoyed dipping the calamari in the fragrant olive oil taste of the aioli, and wished there was more to go with the chips too.

Vanilla milkshake - strange tasting milk or ice cream, but plus side was that it didn't have a sickly sweet taste or an excess of vanilla favouring. Getting a milkshake is always a gamble.


Wow the building looked old from the outside. But indoors decoration was casual, comfortable. Seating was also available outdoors on the lawn. A kids party was happening in a table nearby and the cafe was bustling, with at least one other function happening. I guess not the best place if you're looking for somewhere quiet! The staff were friendly and attentive.

The best part about Point Cook Homestead was the surroundings, and being able to walk around, see the few turkeys, ducks they had on site. A short walk away is the beach, from which you can see an outline of Melbourne city. Disappointingly, there wasn't much to see in terms of old buildings or living quarters, you would need to go to Werribee Mansion for that!

Rating: 3/5 the food was expensive for the quality, and quantity you get. I might have been still hungry if I hadn't had a decent sized breakfast. Nevertheless, it's worthwile visiting at least once, and enjoy a peaceful walk after lunch.

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  1. 8 for lunch all the meals were served cold
    as well as stone cold risotto which had obviously been dished onto the plate cold and meant to be microwaved - they obviously forgot to heat - wait for over an hour and a hald for the main meal to arrive and then they were
    entree size and very ordinary. Service very poor even when we did get drinks waitresses
    did not bother to take away plates on their empty trays - When we complained to the manager albout the meals she had an attitiude
    and could not even say sorry to us - just made
    excuses - they have definitely lost our custom.