Sunday, September 4

Peko Peko Cafe

Our pre road trip meal. I've had peko takeaway meals before, as the cafe is very close to where my friend lives. But this was the first time I've dined in! For those who haven't come across the word, "peko peko" is an onomatopoeia in Japanese for "I'm hungry!"

Location: opposite the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, 181 Wells St (see map)

Website: no official website, but here is one blog review with lovely photos, and another with photos (and there are plenty more links to blog reviews on urbanspooon).

Price: a full menu is available on urbanspoon, special menu above, ~$8 entrees, $10 to $15 for mains


Salt and chilli chicken box: a cute bento box with crispy fried chicken pieces, rice, a small portion of tofu and vegetables. Tasty but could do with a little more chilli. Plus point - didn't find any crystals of MSG (I ordered a similar dish in Rose Garden, Elizabeth st which had visible MSG crystals haha).

Chilli calamari and Taiwanese sausage box: similar to the bento above. Interesting combination of calamari and sliced sausages but if I were to order calamari, I would prefer the salt and chilli calamari. A sweetish sauce that was a tad too rich.

Ginger beef peko box: the sliced beef was surprisingly tender and delicious. Stir fried with vegetables. A lighter and healthier option than the ones above.

Beef about - part of the "peko noodle bowl" selection. A herbal soup with beef slices. Definitely filling with the large quantities of beef. Soup had a pleasant herb taste, although it's bland for something you would find in a restaurant, which isn't a bad thing - less salt is good for you. However I didn't enjoy the dry meat.

Other: the cafe has a special vibe - it's cute, with interesting couches, tables, artwork, and more. A very popular hangout for city dwellers and office workers, so rock up early or make a booking

Rating: 4.5/5 love the layout and cute atmosphere. Food was not wow or amazingly cheap, but it was decent with a good range. Somewhere I would definitely go back again.

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  1. this friend of yours must be pretty cool~
    can't believe you found the calamari dish sweet... it was spicy as! lol maybe just me
    nice review

  2. yeah my cool kirby friend :p I thought your spice tolerance has improved? haha