Wednesday, September 14

The Turret

An interesting meet up in Ballarat with Bianca from Cooking Capers!

Location: close to the hospital, at 802 Sturt St (see map)

Website: no website (I'm surprised), Bianca's post on Cooking Capers, a few reviews and opening hour details, an empty urbanspoon page.

Price: around $15 to $20 for mains


BLT sandwich with avocado - fresh sourdough bread, with bacon, lettuce, tomato and a smear of avocado. Decent serving, good flavours, with a healthy serving of salad.

Duck risotto - the duck itself was very dry and hard to chew. Risotto had the texture of rice porridge rather than normal risotto.

A range of desserts - that looked yummy, we didn't try any though.

Vanilla chai latte - oh and I started my meal with a chai latte, it was a bit too sweet.

Other: nice atmosphere and decorations inside. Apparently hospital journal club was held here!

Rating: 4/5 overall a nice cafe, with decent food and good serving sizes (Ballarat is full of good cafes!) but the weird duck brought the score down. But perhaps it's an outlier. If I visit the cafe again, I would like to try the other items on the menu.

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  1. Oh no, the pressure is now on for me to post my review! :P Nice photos! The lighting was good in there, huh!?
    The risotto definately let the place down, overcooked duck and tasteless risotto to the extreme!

  2. Haha, would love to see your posts on it. Your burger post looks great by the way. I thought it was from a cafe at first ;) Oh and did you check out Weekend Notes? :p

  3. Haha, aw, thanks! :) I'll post it soon, have to do my Taste of Melbourne post first though! And yeah I did! Haven't really sussed it out properly though, but it looks cool - not sure if you can copy and paste your own blog posts though or if they have to be independent articles? It'd be cool if you didn't have to do any extra work :P

  4. I have lots of other ones I haven't written up too. You can do restaurant and cafe reviews, except I guess you would modify the posts a bit to fit the site (probably less personal than our own food blogs haha). The writing platform isn't very flexible/easy to format though...

  5. I've finally uploaded my post on the Turret! :) Have a look here!