Tuesday, September 13

Uni Square Cafe (Noodle and Rice Bar)

I can't believe it took me all these years to discover this little eatery! I used to live five minutes away from here, and hanged out at the adjacent law library quite often. I had hor fun takeaway from here once but that wasn't particularly memorable. It must be the dodgy store front that makes it hard to remember what this place actually sells (it serves cheap Chinese Malaysian/Singaporean cuisine).

Location: conveniently located opposite the law library of Melbourne University (165 Pelham St, Carlton - see map).

Website: the only information that seems to be online is a quick page about opening hours, and a scant urbanspoon page.

Price: $8.40 to $9.40 for most dishes. Specials for about $6.50 for 2 dishes and rice (haven't tried this, didn't look appealing). There is quite a good variety of rice dishes, fried noodles and more - you can browse the full menu below:


Laksa with chicken - delicious thick, tasty soup with tender chicken, and a mixture of thin rice noodles and thick Hokkien noodles. I haven't had laksa in ages, it was fantastic.

Wonton noodle soup - for a clear and healthy option.

Dry wonton noodle - add an extra egg for about $1. The wontons were small but tasty, buk choy made it healthy, and noodles were just like that stuff I used to eat in Singapore (the noodles that I only grew to like after about half a year of living there). I've never come across this dish in Melbourne - it's authentic Singaporean/Malaysian food.

Other: there is a basic but better than downstairs dining area upstairs.

Rating: 5/5 surprised to find such authentic cuisine near uni. From what I've tried this visit, the prices and serving sizes are decent. Highly recommended especially for those who enjoy hawker food, or those who are from Singapore/Malaysia and miss the food at home. I can overlook the dark and dodgy store front.

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