Tuesday, October 4

Irish Murphy's

The Ballarat farewell meal from months ago. Another pub meal!

Location: 36 Sturt Street Ballarat (towards the Bridge Mall end, see map)

Website: official website

Price: ~$12 for student priced meals (bring your student ID along), ~$10 for entree, $20 for mains on regular meals (see lunch and dinner menus)


Fried calamari - "crumbed calamari rings lightly fried until golden brown served with salad, tartare and lemon." Mmm delicious, hot and crunchy outside, plus it was exactly golden brown. Bouncy white calamari inside, complete with a strange tartare that was green in colour.

Potato skins - served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream on the side. Strange potato wedges that were massive in size. As you can probably guess from the photo, the wedges weren't crunchy at all, disappointing.

Caesar salad (student menu) - a beautifully runny fried egg, with warm crispy breast meat on salad. The sauce was flavoursome but too rich that it became impossible to finish towards the end. Less dressing, less parmesan cheese would be good.

Our own Irish stew (student menu) - "prepared in our own kitchen to a traditional recipe served with potato floater and a slice of chunky bread." An interesting stew, with carrots and potato, hearty food for a cold day.

Chocolate spud cake - "served with warm chocolate sauce and cream." A moist chocolate cake with a nice chocolate sauce. Well balanced in sweetness and texture, when served with the ice cream and caramel. Yum.

Other: Comfortable and spacious seating, we sat in one of the little coves, with soft chairs and bright lighting. Surprising, pubs are usually dim. Maybe it was the time of the day we went, but it wasn't rowdy or annoyingly loud inside either.

Rating: 5/5 Great food, except for the soft wedges. Otherwise tasty, nicely presented, good value for money (if you're a student). Better quality food compared to other such restaurants in Ballarat. Really enjoyed the meal, and the good company.

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