Tuesday, October 23

Sapa Hills

It seems that we're on a mission to try all the Vietnamese restaurants in the area!

Location: 112 Hopkins St (short walk from Footscray Station), they also have a branch in Hawthorn

Website: calming greens and an image-rich website

Price: ~$10 for most rice or noodle dishes, there is also a full takeaway menu online, which looks pretty much the same as the instore menu.


Tomato rice with crispy skinned chicken - I've been having such delicious crispy chicken dishes that this was really disappointing. I think you can tell a lot by looking at a dish. Even though it looks colourful and interesting, from here you can imagine how the skin was crispy and nice, but the meat was hard and dry. I'm sure it was reheated, and it was also quite bland. I squirted a large pool of chilli sauce from the condiments to accompany the dish. Rice was unpleasant too - not hot, with grains in a state where it wasn't soft enough to stick, but wasn't dry or uncooked either.

Tomato rice with spicy pork rib - again, the flavouring wasn't tasty. The chilli taste didn't even touch the dish, unless you specifically went to eat the chilli pieces themselves. When you have deep fried ribs, knowing it's unhealthy, you want it to taste good. But it doesn't. The crisp wasn't a light crunch, but a really solid hard dryness. Meat wasn't tender either.

Other: I wrote last time about how there are two types of these restaurants - those that have clean, colour coordinated, modern looking interiors and those that are rather messy, with clashing colours. This place definitely belonged to the first type - in fact we walked in because it looked nice and comfortable.

Rating: 1.5/5 yet looks can be deceiving. Yuck. Sapa Hills had terrible food (rarely do I say that about the Vietnamese food in Footscray!) and for a $10 meal I prefer good food over good environment. Besides, you can often find places where both coexist! Looks like this post is coupled with the previous post not based on cuisine type, but on low ratings.

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