Monday, October 8

The Crepe Shop (Cairns Night Markets)

I thought Mindil markets, which runs on Thursdays and Sundays for the duration of Darwin's dry season, was frequent. Certainly more frequent than Melbourne's Suzuki night markets. But Cairns night markets, located in Cairns CBD, is open every night from 5pm to 11pm!

This Japanese-run crepe store is where my local guides took me for dessert several nights consecutively during my short stay in Cairns. I first had Asian / Japanese crepes in Harajuku, Tokyo; years past, and I had forgotten how delicious they were! Japanese crepes usually come with a selection of sweet fillings, from standard banana and strawberry, to custard and cookies, to crepes stuffed with brownies and tiramisu. These toppings are rolled into a cone, and make for a convenient street snack.

Location: 71-75 The Esplanade, Cairns (see map) The Crepe Shop itself is at Shop 125, near the entrance, facing the waterfront side.

Website: official website for the night markets

Price: $6 crepes without ice cream, and $7.50 with ice cream - see full menu above, and a close up of the crepe menu below. They also sell various shaved ice desserts / frappe for a similar price.


The crepe base is made on a flat metal crepe maker, with a nice thin, slightly chewy, and soft finish. I was wondering if they used supermarket pancake mixes, because there were many empty pancake mix shake bottles lined up along the top of their kitchen shelf; but then, the crepe didn't look or taste like a pancake.

Each flavour came with freshly whipped cream, which is tastier and blends with flavours far better than the airy, artificial tasting, canned whipped cream which is used at the popular Japanese crepe store (Harajuku Crepes) in Melbourne CBD. For crepes with ice cream, there were several flavours including vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and green tea flavours to choose from. Each crepe was also topped off with the slightly strange, but crunchy addition of cornflakes.

Strawberry with ice cream - ah, strawberry and cream! Always a fantastic combination, with tangy fruitiness from the cut strawberries and mellow richness of the cream.

Green tea with ice cream - aside from green tea ice cream the only additioon ingredient was red beans, which is a fairly common combination in Asian desserts. I love green tea ice cream, so no complaints here! (Sorry the green tea is hidden by cornflakes and cream, but at least the background is green haha.)

Other: there are two rows of benches to sit and eat at outside the store, but often the seats are filled with people waiting for their orders. Plenty to see at the markets and esplanade across the road though!

Rating: 4.5/5 lovely soft crepes, fresh fruits, and delicious double creaminess. Pricey for a dessert, but the crepes are quite large and filling. Love it!

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