Tuesday, April 23

Talk of the towns

First post of 2013. Being sick towards the end of last year put me off writing about food for awhile. With new acquaintances and colleagues replacing familiar old friendships, I'm aware too that not everyone appreciates you taking food photos before tucking in. Besides, central Melbourne seems to both create and attract the bulk of food bloggers in the country - "talk of the town" places such as Chin Chin, and Mamasita have hundreds of blog post, not to mention hundreds more in diner reviews. Whilst there are some really exciting dishes at those places, time is limited and it makes more sense to me to write about less known establishments. So here goes explorations of 2013, which so far has largely been based in country Victoria.

Oh, and I'm still adamant that there are too many who feel obliged to talk about the latest craze. Or about how great the latest craze is, without judging on merit or pausing to form their own thought-out opinions. Actually food is one of the rare areas in  life where it matters little whether you ride the waves of popular opinion or think for yourself; but mindless raving does make for rather uninteresting reads, and tedious small talk.

Lastly, looking back, it's evident that tastes change. What makes food good, what makes for good dining? I still love a cheap, authentic, and delicious meal. But perhaps, I do enjoy aesthetically pleasing food presentation, mood lighting that is not too dark, cosy furniture, interesting decor, attentive but not over the top service, and such elements, more than I once did. Though none of that does much for a restaurant if the food is unspectacular. I wouldn't call say that my tastes have become more refined (how food snobs annoy me), or that high end is better than cheap eats. Nevertheless, as with many areas of life, priorities and preferences change. Not completely, but there are differences. Yet because you write and score, you are stuck with scores and opinions from a time past.

Anyway, happy eating! Yum yum (or should I get with the times, and say, nom nom).

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