Saturday, June 15

Grill'd - Point Cook

About a year ago, Grill'd had this "no foodies" campaign. It sparked some anger and much discussion online, and in a way that's making your brand known and talked about. Humorous or not, with these posters sitting at every table, I personally wouldn't have photographed or blogged about the outlets. The strongly antagonist message doesn't sit comfortably either, for a company that portrays a friendly, chill and community centred image.

Ironically, it's from Grill'd that I was offered a voucher to dine and review their latest branch in Point Cook. I accepted the offer, having been an an occasional customer (eating at Melbourne Central, QV, Carlton, and Yarraville branches on previous occasions).

Location: The location given on the website (Cnr Main & Murnong St) isn't too useful if you aren't familiar with Point Cook Town Centre. The street address is 4 Main St, Point Cook, VIC, and the store is on the row of dining places, adjacent to Crust and Cold Rock.

Website: official website for Grill'd

Price: expect to pay about $15 with burger and chips, see full menu


Hot hombre (panini bread) - "Grilled chicken breast, chilli black bean salsa, tasty cheese, avocado, tomato, spanish onion & crispy tortilla chip." Never mind that I don't know what hombre means. Urban dictionary says it's a Spanish slang for "dude", more specifically for a "homie" or "punk".
Chicken was nicely done, tender but no pink bits. The chilli black bean salsa was tangy, surprisingly hot, and I assume the main flavouring here was Tabasco sauce. It took me to awhile to figure out why there was a hard taco with my burger - the texture was interesting, but it was hard and you need to be careful not to hurt your teeth. The combination of ingredients, topped with avocado, made the burger taste like something you might get at a joint like Trippy Taco (except this isn't vegetarian). Maybe they need to use the Mexican, rather than Spanish word for dude.
I haven't had Hungry Jacks or McDonalds for awhile now but Grill'd burgers do differ in that they use normal ingredients that you would use for your homemade burgers, in the burgers you buy at a cafe or pub. Not that Grill'd burgers are health foods, but it's a welcoming change from sweetish buns, plastic cheese, scant ingredients, heavy sauces and greasy patties. Fast food joints have been providing healthy menu options in recent years though, and they are cheaper.
Hot chips (snack size) -  see image above. Chips are crunchy and seasoned lightly with herbed salt. The three sauces here are herbed mayo, tomato relish, or sweet chilli mayo.

Grill'd bird & brie (wholemeal bread) - "Grilled chicken breast, brie cheese, thick cranberry sauce, salad & herbed mayo." I won't write much on this since this meal was from my first visit to Grill'd several years back! I love soft cheese and almost ordered the same burger again today.


Grill'd Point Cook was buzzing with life, with many young families, on the weekend. I don't expect much from "fast food" stores, but the service was attentive and friendly. The interiors were well thought out, with wallpapers and posters that you might expect from a cafe. I did realise however, that the lovely green pot plants on each table were plastic rather than real plants.

Rating: 3.5/5 it's not gourmet dining, but I enjoy the range of tasty burgers with interesting and "real" ingredients. Grill'd fills in an unusual place, halfway between fast food and brunch cafes - both in terms of the food serves, the decor, the service, and the customers it targets.

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