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PappaRich - Darwin

I wrote about "The Quarter" in the last review on Chatime (Casuarina). We went for the opening night, hence the clown (Asian clown?) in the following picture:

PappaRich is a Malaysian franchise that's expanded internationally. It's a welcome addition. There are a lot of Asians in Darwin and I haven't met many that think the what-used-to-be-standard Asian fare is Asian food at all. I mean dishes such as lemon chicken, black bean beef and Mongolian lamb.

There have been many laksa stores at the markets. And pockets of Malaysian / Indonesian / South-East Asian food at some food courts and CBD restaurants. Rendezvous Cafe and Hanuman come to mind. But I would consider it the first Malaysian restaurant in Darwin.

Location: GD362, Casuarina Square, 247 Trower Road, Casuarina NT

Website: official website

Menu: ~$15 to 20 per person for mains. Notice how curry laksa is $17.90?! The same item is about $10.50 in Melbourne (QV) and $12.50 in Sydney (Broadway). Yup the prices vary a lot and Darwin is phenomenally higher than the rest.

In terms of selection basically it's the same menu you would find elsewhere. See it in pictures and lists. Pretty sure the price on the Zomato page is from another, cheaper, branch. Ordering food is the same process as elsewhere too - write down the numbers from the menu and press a bell to call the attendants.


Drinks - love the selection of interesting drinks. They look the same don't they? But they're not. First is teh tarik and the second is Pappa Cham (mix of tea and coffee).

Pink drink at the back is bandung (a rose syrup drink) with grass jelly. It's been awhile since the first description of bandung on this blog.

Hainan curry chicken chop - "Deep-fried chicken coated with curry sauce, served with chicken rice, fried egg and sliced cucumbers."See above. Chicken was lovely and moist. Love deep fried chicken.

Roti canai - first is plain roti canai and second is roti telur (egg) with curry chicken. The roti was surprisingly nice, crispy, not too oily.

Curry laksa (chicken) - I order this as my standard dish at PappaRich. Soup's a bit watery.

Chicken rice - the rice is real tasty but the chicken and vegetables are too sweet.

Pappa special biryani rice with sambal eggplant, fried chicken & sambal prawns - nice and filling. The chilli sauce was quite hot, which was a nice surprise. Fried chicken and fried eggplant were lovely. Biryani was almost like plain rice - didn't have enough spices.

Banana fritters with vanilla ice cream - love fried banana.

Other: clean and bright inside. Soft seats if you get one of the booths.

Rating: 4/5 some hit and miss but mostly decent and a good variety. Comfortable environment. Pricey compared to other branches (don't even start comparing it to Malaysia) but normal prices by Darwin standards.

PappaRich Australia Pty Ltd Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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